Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Can I ever be a runner?...

in my recent days (as in, a week or so now) of going to the gym regularly, i'm back on my kick of eventually becoming a runner. honestly, i think it looks cool. i won't lie. plus, you can do it anywhere! :-) (unless you're at the mall - that's really more for walkers. you don't want store owners chasing you do you??) so, with training comes education. so, i've been researching. then i came across this. ha! i hope it encourages you to keep moving! (i'm trying to...)

Reasons Not To Run: (by Jesslyn Cummings)...
Every runner or jogger has their special excuse not to run; in fact, most people who don't run at all have their excuses too. Presented here are some of my favorite excuses why people don't run. Whether it is a runner's excuse to skip a day or a nonrunner's excuse to not start running, here are ten of them and why they don't hold water.
1) I'm too out-of-shape.
This excuse is usually used by those who aren't runners, but I've heard it from runners who got injured or sick and had to take time off of running. It's really quite sad actually because running is a great way to get into shape. If you ask me, noone is too out-of-shape to get in shape. You may have to start walking and then work up to very slow running, but you can do it. Just talk to your doctor first.
2) Running causes injuries.
Yes, running does cause injuries sometimes, but not any more than most other sports. You're a lot less likely to get hurt running (if you take it slow and easy while you're adjusting to running) than if you were a gymnast. You don't have to get hurt if you are a runner. Just go slow, listen to your body, and warm-up properly before each run.
3) It’ll ruin my knees (joints or body).
Just like "running causes injuries," this excuse only applies to people who are pushing themselves too fast or not properly letting their muscles/body become accustomed to running. Being overweight can make running harder on your knees, but, if you take your time and work up to running, your knees, body, and joints won't get hurt.
4) I don’t have enough time.
This is just an excuse, nothing more. Life is going by so fast, but nothing should be as important as your health. Take even 15 minutes a day to yourself and go for a walk or run. It's all about priorities.
5) I’ve never been good at running.
This is one of my personal favorite excuses because it used to apply to me. I wasn't good at running, but, like many other things, we get good at running by practicing it. It's that simple; if you run and take it slow, eventually you'll get better at it.
6) The Shoes Cost Too Much.
Sure, running shoes can be expensive, but it's not like you have to pay for a canoe or a bike. A good pair of shoes can make running easier and help prevent injuries, but that doesn't mean that you'll get hurt without an expensive pair of running shoes. Start out with what you have, take it easy, and save up for the good sneakers.
7) I’m tired.
This is another of my own personal excuses. After a long day at work, running can seem like a chore that you just don't have energy for. Believe me when I say, I understand. But exercise releases endorphins (making you feel happy) and it can help wake you up. When I'm tired or even starting to feel sick, I have found that going for a run is a much better cure than sitting around watching TV or trying to get anything done around my house. So, don't let this be your excuse because that's exactly what it is: an excuse.
8) Running is hard work.
Sometimes running can be hard work, but sometimes it can be pure ecstasy, like you're floating on a cloud. It's worth putting in the hard work to get the payoff. Maybe you haven't felt the payoff yet, but even so your body is receiving so much benefit. Next time you're thinking running isn't worth the effort, check out all these benefits.
9) It's too hot (or too cold).
In the summer, the heat is too much; in the winter, the cold is more than I can handle. I've heard it all (and probably said it myself one too many times). You can run through a lot of weather conditions, just be smart. In the heat, take extra water and try to run in the coolest times of day. In the cold, layer your clothing properly and try to run in the hottest times of day. In any weather, if you have access to a treadmill or indoor track, count yourself lucky and use it.
10) Your ovaries will fall out.
My personal favorite, above all others: "Your ovaries will fall out." This one just makes me laugh and you may be thinking I made this up, but I've heard it again and again. It's typically what mothers and grandmothers tell 25-35 year old women who have just started running. It's completely a myth; don't believe it. Lots of very serious competitors in running have had children and apparently their ovaries are just fine.

Ok. Again. I'm not a runner. It will take time. But this made me laugh. - especially number 10!



donna b said...

if it's any encouragement to you, i began slowly (just like the article suggested) and am now up to 5 miles. i am training for a 1/2 marathon and i think having a GOAL makes all the difference in the world. and it will completely reveal all the verses about "running the race" in a whole new light! keep up the great work my friend!! :)

Allison said...

Very funny article..but so many of those "excuses" I've used before and are so true!! I'm so proud of you and all your doing! Keep it up! Just about 140something days til the BIG day!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
That was a cute article. I love the last one. I have heard that before. Let me know if you need any help.