Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I wish I had posted this a week ago...

love it. so sad i missed it this year.

Friday, December 14, 2007

it's back.

i can't believe it.

she's back. and all her files are there.

i can't believe it.

i feel a little bit of redemption.
** update - sorry if this wasn't clear... my Millie (the black mac) isn't back... but a lady at work and her husband were able to recover all my files from Della and put them on a new hard drive. So for now, I'm using Della... but I'm super happy! :o)**

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Just so you can go back and read...

I've been updating...

the memories are starting to get more detail! ;o)


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I keep getting tagged...

First it was Ronnica.
Then it was Adrienne.
Next, the Raffertys.

The tag? A "7 Random/Weird things" meme. (here's the definition of that word, by the way... A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another... so basically, i blog about it and ask you to blog about it - and so on)

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share seven random or weird things about yourself.
3. Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

My Oddities:
~1~ I don't really mind if my food isn't hot. I mean, I want everything to be cooked, but as long as the "chill is knocked off of it" I'm good... even with soup.

~2~ I always always always catch people around me driving who are picking their noses. It's strange (I guess that's the point of telling you)... but seriously, almost a day doesn't go by without me seeing someone going for it.

~3~ I remember really random things from the past... i.e. - once when I was really young (like 7-8) we were playing Trivial Pursuit (my family, by the way, has always loved to play Trivial Pursuit) and there was some question about a type of paper that someone developed... and no one could think of a good answer. I said "let's just say toilet paper." I was right. I also remember what I wore my first day of 2nd grade. It was a bright hot pink tank top. We had to draw pictures of ourselves and I remember searching the room for the perfect color crayon to color the tank. It had to match perfectly.

~4~ I love real mail. I love to get it. I love to send it. There's something about getting an envelope in the mailbox with handwritten addresses... it means someone took a moment for you. I always have... I had penpals really early on in life... some I still talk to (or have in the recent past).

~5~ I really love novelty snacks. i.e. - Capri Sun (the juice isn't THAT great, but the pouch is!), Snack Crackers (with the little cup of cheese and red spreading stick), Big League Chew, etc.

~6~ I could watch things like this every day:

~7~ I love my birthday. I don't know why. I always have. And I get super jealous if the focus isn't on me. I guess this one is more of a confession because it really can be a problem! :o( Don't feed it, please... just be patient as I get over it the morning after each year.

I'm not sure that these were the oddest things about me, but they were what came to mind at the time. If you know me, feel free to point out any of my other idiosyncracies in a comment, as long as it is with love! You can also go read here about some other oddities... I was tagged back in January, too!

I'll be tagging:
The Shef's (all three please) - :o)
Molly and her family
Zack and Stephanie

Can't wait to read!

Monday, November 26, 2007

reasons to pray...

my roommate is right. we need to be praying for our neighborhood on a more consisten and regular basis. its only because of Christ that we are different from the people we live around.

it's been an eventful month for me and i'm asking you to pray for wisdom. not just for me, but for my roommates as we seek to serve those around us, wisdom for the police in dealing with crime and injustices, etc etc... there's much to pray for.

November events (so far... i mean, we still have this week to get thru, right?)
My friend Donna moved.
Kristin and I got to share some overseas experiences with a church out in Burlington
My Della died. (the dell laptop)
I bought a MacBook.
Someone rear-ended me when I had to stop at a green light for some college students who were playing around in the road.
My friend Jenn got married!
My pawpaw turned 96 years old.
Our house got robbed. (and yes, they took the Mac - as well as a few of Kristin's things (one of her cameras, some cash, her bike,) and a few of my other things (radio, ipod))
Thanksgiving with family
Happy Thanksgiving Saturday - which was a booming success!

Alright. That's all for now. Just pray.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

back that thang up...

hi all.
it's time for an update... just about me.  not that i don't enjoy the random posts, funny videos or political commentary, but for now... just a story about my week.
Tuesday afternoon, I came home from work as normal and began working on a project I've been working on FOR MONTHS for my church ... our pictoral directory.

I've been doing it in Publisher and have had some trouble over the last few weeks with some editing, finalizing, cost shopping, etc... all those things... but finally, we were getting to the end, hoping to get it printed and ready to pass out at our member's meeting this coming Sunday.
Anyway, so I'm in the middle of working and suddenly, the screen is filled with blue...  that annoying "error blue."  There were tons of words on the page ... and I did read it, but all I remember is seeing "If you've never seen this screen before, restart your computer."  
I was a little freaked, and maybe should have been a little patient, but I restarted.


it turned on, but it wouldn't boot. hmm.  let me try again.


so, i confess, i spanked her.  Della.  that's my laptop's name.

yes, it was out of anger, but still... she was disobedient!


I call Martin Graham.  I am still calm at this point.  We talk and decide that I will come on over.  Martin looks at it, does some fancy things, runs a diagnostics and says, "Hmm.  Nicole, how big is your hard drive?"

"I think it's about 70 or 80," I say.

his face doesn't make me happy.  

i was on the phone with Kristin C. at the time and I tell her that Martin looks like he has some news for me.  he does.

"Nicole, there's no partition."
I have no idea what that means... so he explains a little and then tells me that basically, he says that the diagnostics says that the computer has about 75 GB of free space.  


I know.

So, we talk a quick minute and I leave.  I was basically in shock and went on in to work at TCC. I talked to Julie W. about it and got a little quiver in my voice... then Travis W. comes in the room and I tell him what happened.  At this point, I'm seriously holding back tears.

Then Casey calls me... and  I lost it!
You see, three days prior, she and I were discussing what I should do about my hard drive... because it was within a GB or 2 of being full... and none of my pictures or files were anywhere else.  

I decided that I would take Della to the Geek Squad at Best Buy.  I paid 60 bucks, and almost 4 full days later, they tell me everything that Martin did... and that it appears nothing is on the hard drive anymore.  

Including Windows.

Then, 15 minutes later, I get an automated call that I need to come pick up my equipment because it's taking up space and it's a worthless piece of junk.

well, they didn't say that exactly, but still.  i felt like i was late picking up my kid from daycare, so i got ready and left.

I decided that for now, its not best for me to reload the hard drive with programs and special files of mine when we still don't know why it happened.  If it happened again, I just don't know what I would do!  Besides, what if the information is still in there somewhere?

They told me that the next thing I could do was ship it off to Data Recovery and pay anywhere from $200-$1000 (with no guarantee) for them to try and get the info.


no way.

meet Millie.  Millie the black mac.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I mean... WOW


look at this.

don't get it?
read here.
now THAT is funny!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

it is only the favor of God...

... that allows me to read things like this...

i'm looking forward to the series.

comments are welcomed!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

who doesn't love a little pigskin?

i'm not a fan of either of these teams, but i had to share:

Monday, October 22, 2007

If You Need Some Help...

on beginning your research on the 2008 Presidental Race...

Here's a good place to start.

Friday, September 28, 2007

I am so thankful...

for this.
Following the trail... From Joe Thorn's Blog where he points to Puritan Richard Mayo's sermon on The Prevention and Cure of Spiritual Pride to Justin Taylor's Blog to Carolyn McCulley's Blog to mine...

Mayo says: “It is a big-bellied sin; most of the sins that are in the world are the offspring and issue of pride.”

Joe Thorn summarizes some of the sins that pride gives birth to, and this should help anyone in their fight over pride (and laziness!):

Covetousness - because you believe you deserve something more than others.

Ungodly ambition - because you believe that you are most qualified, and the idea of someone else being preferred over you is an insult to your perceived worth.

Boasting - because everyone should know who you are and what you have accomplished.

Contention - because in picking fights you feel a sense of superiority over those who may (or may not) be in error.

Unthankfulness - because you deserve everything you get!

Selfishness - because others do not!

Self-deceit - because it’s easier to believe you are something, when in fact you are nothing.

A judgmental attitude - because you believe the errors of others are much more serious than your own.

Gossip - because you look so much better when telling others how awful someone else is. Mayo said that the proud “endeavor to build their own praise upon the ruins of others’ reputation.”

Complaining - because God should have consulted you before orchestrating the events of your day/life.

Hypocrisy - because you must hide the truth, your own failures, in order to avoid shame and accumulate praise.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

i'm on a hunt...

...for more blogs to read!

Some of the ones I keep up with don't post very often, and a girl needs things to check, you know?!

So ... comment back - on some of your fav's.

They can be friends' blogs.
They can be scholarly blogs.
They can be professional blogs.
... be creative and fill me in!


Monday, September 17, 2007

There's a reason people dread this...

My 10 Year High School Reunion is less than three weeks away.

I am excited to see old friends, find out where they've been... who they married... what their kids look like, etc... But, there is a reason why people hate going to these things.

For one... most of us don't look the same.

Here's a prime example: this is me at Junior Prom with David Connor. I don't know that I've spoken to him once since we graduated... If so, it's been brief

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Well, Well, Well...

look who made it to the cover of a magazine...

funny little tidbit of news in my family...

if you don't ever make it to next next page or two, here's all it says:

Adam Wilson ’07, director of the Lenoir-Rhyne President’s Society, holds his daughter, Reagan, after receiving his bachelor’s degree in sports management and corporate communications.
Adam’s wife, Karen Skipper Wilson ’05, is employed at HBF.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

So... what do you think will happen?

I'm intrigued about this fall's new show...

check it out

Monday, July 16, 2007

28 years later...

... here I am. I don't know why... but I'm wondering if I can remember something fun about each of my years of life...

*** note - I will be adding pictures soon to this ***
BE WARNED. I AM QUEEN OF RANDOM FACTS AND REMEMBERING THE SUPER-EST DUMB THINGS EVER! You should probably be aware that as I remember things, I'll go back and add them in to the different years. I am fully aware that most people won't make it thru this whole thing, but its fun for me to remember...
SO FAR - I'm up to the end of 8th Grade.

June 13, 1979 - around 2:45 p.m. - yay! I'm here! I have a big sister named Stephanie. My mom is Inez and my dad is Bruce. He's super tall! John Wayne died today. He had cancer. :o(
June 14, 1979 - June 13th, 1980 - hmm. well, i'm a thumbsucker. actually, i'm not sure if i started that early or not - but probably. i'm also not sure if i was younger than one before i started walking. i do know that we moved a lot when i was little. so maybe i moved this year.

June 14th, 1980 - June 13th, 1981 - I have a new aunt. Yes, she's younger than me - Born Dec. 8th, 1980. I'm sure we hung out A LOT after she was born. I bet we moved again, too.

June 14th, 1981 - June 13th, 1982 - Well, I've just stopped being two years old. I think I was in the water a lot during this point in my life. Learning to play and swim and not be scared of it. I'm thankful for that! I still love to be in the water...
June 14th, 1982 - June 13th, 1983 - I don't know when, but we moved (or are getting ready to) move into our new house. It's my mom and dad's first one! It's brick and has a pool! YESSS!
I'm in daycare. So is Kristin Schatz. Maybe we'll still be friends when we're 28. Yep. I've been kissing boys. A man my mom worked with, Hawk, had two boys there - Carlos and OJ. I kissed them both.

June 14th, 1983 - June 13th, 1984 - Well, my mom is pregnant. There's a baby coming in January. I hope its a puppy. :o) I KNOW we're in our new house now. We live in Bostic, NC. We go to Glenwood Baptist Church. My daddy is still really tall. My mom's sisters are pregnant, too. Lora and June are both due in November.

June 14th, 1984 - June 13th, 1985 (Kindergarten)- It wasn't a puppy. It was a boy. He came early... about a month early - but still over 8 pounds. My momma was happy. He got to have Christmas with us. My two cousins were born in the couple of weeks before Adam. Roslyn and Dustin.
I dressed up funny for Christmas this year. Oh, and I love the Smurfs. AND - I started school. Bostic Elementary. The bobcats. I got a red plastic trashcan. I also got paddled this year - because I was giggling during circle/carpet time. We were supposed to be telling our memorized addresses and phone numbers - but I kept giggling because I knew we were about to have a suprise party for my teacher. She got mad (maybe she was feeling old that day) and went to get the paddle (and the 1st grade teachers (she said "look how bad she is" to her) to watch) - when we walked back in the class - they yelled "SUPRISE" and she felt bad.
I have NO idea why my teacher's assistant didn't stop her. :''-( i cried. I also remember going to the fall festival and riding a horse around the playground. I also remember kissing a boy named Matt.

June 14th, 1985 - June 13th, 1986 (First Grade) - Well, I was in first grade this year. I remember us going on a field trip - we had to bring a dollar for an ice cream from McDonalds - I forgot my money and the teacher made me feel guilty because she paid for it. I got strawberry on mine. Also, The HuggaBunch came on tv. My friends and I tried to go thru the mirror. I remember there was tempra paint powder bottles in our class bathroom. I love that smell. Also, this boy James used to sing EVERY TIME he went to the bathroom. We used to laugh at him so much. I am good at spelling.

June 14th, 1986 - June 13th, 1987 (Second Grade) - I started 2nd grade at Bostic Elementary - then we moved around Labor Day to Rutherfordton. It's in the same county - but it feels very far away. We have a bigger house... but no pool. Our house is long and white.
My dad really embarrased me when he took me to my new class. He told my teacher in front of everyone that I talk to much. They burst out laughing. :o( My teacher was super mean and got in a lot of trouble for hurting kids that year. She used to stick her fingernails in our shoulders... and she pushed my friend/cousin Kim J. up against the chalkboard.
I also got a boyfriend this year. Michael. And I pulled Kim's pants down on the playground. I don't know why. Shanikka C. was my friend. Tyeanne, too. We are going to find a new church because Glenwood is too far away. :o( We have a much bigger house, though - four bedrooms! Great for parents who have three kids... my sister and I share our own bathroom and that's really cool. Everything in our house is green... the carpets, the stove/oven, the lenolium - everything! Apparently, its because we bought the house from the Greenways.

June 14th, 1987 - June 13th, 1988 (Third Grade) - Before I started school this year, we went to a new church that many of my family who've passed on before me in my family are buried. It's a really special church to my family, I guess. It's called Pleasant Hill Baptist. I'm in the GA's - and I got to go to camp. Camp is awesome. I hope I go every summer! It's called South Mountain Baptist Camp and I am absolutely in love with every boy that works there. And I met Kasey. (we're still friends, too!)
Then, I went to 3rd grace. 3rd grade was fun. Mrs. Bryan was my teacher. Her daughter, Allison, is my sister's friend. Her classroom always smells like black pepper. I've also started going to AG class part of the week. I really like it.
My parents bought a video camera. They took a lot of videos. I think I'm a superstar. Now all our Christmas's will be on video, too. Also, my aunt and uncle had another baby - her name is Emily. She came in February. My mom got to be at the hospital and she took a lot of video of that day.

June 14th, 1988 - June 13th, 1989 (Fourth Grade) - A new decade came! Cool. I got to go to camp again this summer!! 4th grade was cool... except that I was sick all the time and had to get my tonsils out during Spring Break. Mrs. Roach was my teacher and she lives near me, too. She brought me a night gown - which I LOVED - for my recovery. For some reason, I also remember that Jessica Prevatt's big sister, Nikki, won Homecoming Queen at Central that year. AG was fun again this year, too.
We watched Man from Snowy River and made fun of Jessica Prevatt and Tommy Smith. We told them they were the girl and boy from that movie and that they should kiss.

June 14th, 1989 - June 13th, 1990 (Fifth Grade) - So, I just finished 5th grade. I'm totally going to middle school next year. Awesome. Now my boyfriend was Tommy Smith. (I wonder what he's doing these days. Ha.) I remember his birthday is the same as Sarah's. She's my best friend. We're also semi-related. Her dad married my cousin. Tyeanne is also still my best friend. And Kelly Riley and I went back and forth over Tommy. I think eventually we decided he wasn't worth it and were fun friends. lol. New Kids on the Block are my favorite singers. A bunch of my friends went to see them in concert. Not me. Also, I think this was the year that Mandy King got a limo for her birthday. I was so super jealous that I didn't get picked to go with them!
Oh well. Mrs. Meador is my teacher and we have a combo class - i.e. - there are 4th graders in class with me. This year in AG, we made inventions and kids from Spindale Elementary competed with us. I remember Nikki Gowan. Apparently others were there that I became friends with later, but I only remember Nikki. I remember that Josh Gilbert gave Laura Greenway a ring. I think it was for Valentine's Day. Tommy gave me a felt picture that you color with markers, a fake rose and a copied tape of New Kids. I think this is when I decided he wasn't worth it... lol. j/k
This year, the Gideons came to my school and gave us all little red bibles. The man that came to my class scared me super badly because he said I would go to hell if I didn't get saved. (which is true, of course, but he was really mean). Also, he was loud. My church was having revival that week, so I went down front. No way I wanna go to hell, you know?
p.s. - i'm still going to camp every summer around the time of my birthday each year. I'm starting to meet some girls that I'll be penpals with.
June 14th, 1990 - June 13th, 1991 (Sixth Grade)- So, I just finished my 6th grade year. Lots of new boys - from some other elementary schools... so cute! I REALLY like Ammon Lesher though. He's super cool and stylin'. (I remember saying that in 6th grade a LOT). Not to be weird or embarrasing about this, but my body is changing. A lot. AND I got glasses. DJ Reid always wants to wear them, so I let him. He's cute. So I let him. ha! In Science/Math class, we did a lot of measuring. We had an ice cream party and I learned what an ounce of choclate syrup looks like in a little cup. Also, I got in a fight. Like... a fist fight. With a boy. Brian Gordon. I do NOT like him! Also, we are at war with Iraq. A guy I know from my church who has only been married a little while has to go. And another guy, too, but he isn't married yet.
My sister is in 8th grade. We fight a lot. She plays sports and all I care about is boys.
June 14th, 1991 - June 13th, 1992 (Seventh Grade) - I changed a lot this year... personality, looks, etc... I had a few boyfriends and started hanging out with some older people some. We dissected frogs in science. All the girls wanted boy partners because we assumed we'd be grossed out. It was the boys who were grossed out. My partner was Josh Gilbert. Also, Mitch started a sketching hobby... he would "graffitti" peoples names. Everyone wanted one.
Also, he flicked spit at a substitute and it hit her in the back of the head. She felt it but didn't know where it came from.
I remember Channel One in homeroom, too.
I also ran for Student Council for the next school year. Jessica Prevatt beat me.
Jennifer Edwards and Blakeley Jones were my campaign managers.
The new high school is almost complete. Mark West was killed in a car accident. (I know his younger brother)
I was score keeper for the basketball team. That was cool.
Two days before school was out, I twisted my ankle in a hole and broke it! It was Laura Greenway's fault. She, Jessica Hames and I were testing markers for Mrs. Hogan so we could toss her dried up ones away during clean-up week and Laura kept tossing marker lids into the grass... I told her we'd get in trouble, so I was "fetching them." Then it happened.
It looked awful! I waited in the office for my dad and we spent the next several hours at the hospital. The next day, thinking it was just a bad sprain, I was on crutches at school and basically stopped using them by mid-day. I just hopped and limped everywhere.
Then my mom showed up at school to get me because the doctor had spotted a break in the x-rays. So she took me to Spartanburg and I got a purple cast put on. Just in time for the last day of school. I went around and let people sign in.
I turned 13 on this birthday... 1992. I had a dance party at the Spindale House.
Brad Edwards was my dj. He brought his stereo over.
NOT fun with a broken leg.
June 14th, 1992 - June 13th, 1993
My family went to Florida (Panama City Beach) for vacation. NOT fun in a cast!
But I started 8th grade. Its also the first year of the new high school. When the first day was over, three football players were killed in a car accident as they were turning out onto the highway from the parking lot.
I have a boyfriend, but my parents don't know. Basically, its because he's a different race, so I'm afraid to tell them. Lots of rumors are going around (even in my own family) but they aren't true! He's just my boyfriend at school. We write notes and talk on the phone. Nothing else! Well, we kiss sometimes, but that's it. The rumors aren't true! I'm 13 for goodness sake!
Anyway, I'm in 8th grade and I love it. We rule the school. HA!
Now it's December... Christmas break. Revival at my church again... and I know I'm not a Christian. So along with 13 other people from my church (including the pianist and a deacon), I accepted Christ on Dec. 27th. WOW!~
So, it's time to evaluate this boyfriend situation. I know it should end. I'm lying and being deceptive. So, for the next 6 months of school, we are back and forth. Awful!
A boy in the 7th grade shot himself. I found out I was distantly related... but everyone in the school made fun of him all the time. So sad.
Our Junior Beta club went to the state convention - we won several prizes... like 1st Place Scrapbook in the state! I was Editor. We were in the paper.
Also, I won 3rd place photography. But I didn't take the picture. My big sister did. Lying again!
In the spring, my MawMaw got really sick really fast and passed away the day of my school's field day. May 19th. I am really sad and crying a LOT. My brother was very sick that day as well and had to be admitted to the hospital around the time of her death. Some kind of virus that the majority of my family ended up having. (I still can't drink fruit punch to this day without thinking of that sickness.)
Also, we are the last class to graduated from New Hope Middle School. Next year, all the middle schools are combining to R-S Middle School because the new high school is built and they used the old high school (with renovations) to combine the schools. I will be the only person in my family to never attend class in that building.
Oh... and camp is soon!
check back soon for updates!

So, that's all I've got for now... I thought I'd let people get a head start on reading

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Friday, June 22, 2007


birthday, resource tables, christmas, personal library...

anyway. just thought i'd share.

Monday, June 11, 2007


i just found a new blog.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

God, only you can do this in my heart...

As a single woman, what do you think is most important for single women to understand about biblical womanhood?

"Regardless of our marital status, we were made to glorify God and to reflect Him to our world.
God has made women to be bearers and nurturers of life—we can do that whether or not He chooses to give us husbands and physical children.
If a woman has a contented, grateful heart, she will experience joy, regardless of her circumstances (or marital status). If she does not have a contented, grateful heart, there is no circumstance (or marital status) that can make her happy."

For more on this interview with Nancy Leigh DeMoss, click the picture above or here...

Friday, June 01, 2007

it's not that i'm staring at your blog all day...

i call this...

the circle of trust...
it's not that i'm staring at your blog all day...

... it's that i have THIS great thing! (Thanks to my friend Casey)

so don't freak out if i'm always the first one to comment on your blog - even if it's moments after you post...

i get alerted! and i love it!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More reasons to love TCC...

(l to r: Ryan S., Ben M., Ben R., Matt T., Joy H.)

... my community group!

I always love our fellowships - the church wide ones, I mean. You get to hang out, talk, laugh, learn more about those you're laboring with... but I really love it when our community group does this.

On Sunday, we went to Lake Johnson after church. We took our bag lunches, walked over the foot bridge to the picnic area to dine. I must confess, being out there, doing things like that, isn't generally my favorite thing to do... I just don't like getting hot, etc.

But, I knew I'd like hanging out with everyone...

So anyway, there are hiking trails, runners, bikers, the lake - obviously -, etc... You can rent canoes (which several people did), kyacks, even little dingy fishing boats. The boaters were troopers because I just couldn't make myself do it...
Kristin and Hannah

Paul and friend, Joe

The rest of us just stayed in the tree-shaded picnic area and chatted... watched the ducks, etc.

Here are some more pictures for you. :o)

Ryan S.

Cathi T.

the ducks (and Kristin and Hannah off to the right)

Julie W.

Paul G. (so happy after flipping Ben and Matt's boat)

Friday, May 25, 2007

interactive blog. i need input!

for those of you twisting your eyebrows around ... yeah, so it doesn't mean anything to me either. not just yet, anyway.

Great news! I just started Violin Lessons with my friend Grace.
Right now, I have to practice holding the violin and the bow, as well as scales and begin memorizing the FACE and Every Good Boy Does Fine. (if you read music, you probably know what I'm talking about)

Anyway, I am super excited.
But I need help! If I get frustrated about it when you're around - remind me that its going to take time. If I look at you with disdain, just pray for me. I know what your intentions are, but even last night, I could tell that some days are going to be hard for me than others.

I promise that as soon as my scales sound good, I'll post them on youtube so you can all hear!

Now - since I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats wondering about the title of this blog - I need your help. In the form of comments, please post some of the following:

a) some of your favorite hymn or song titles that the violin is played in
b) some of your favorite hymns or songs that the violin should be played in
c) any encouragement about your violin lessons - even if they were 20 years ago.

that's all for now. it helps me to hear in my head what songs i may one day be able to play. the one that keeps playing in my head is "Fairest Lord Jesus," for example. can you hear it? ah!

anyway - pray! (for me and my roomates - they'll have to listen)

p.s. - for fun, the next time you scan thru your ipod or are in your car, try and listen for the violin. you wouldn't believe how much i hear it now since it's on my mind!

pictures soon.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

sometimes you have to just be silly

i get a lot of forwards. at work, at home, etc...
this came today - just now - and i really laughed a lot.

so, in the hopes that you can read and smile... here you go

Thoughts on Love and Marriage

You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep the chips and dip coming.
-- Alan, age 10

No person really decides before they grow up who they're going to marry. God decides it all way before, and you get to find out later who you're stuck with.
-- Kristen, age 10

Twenty-three is the best age because you know the person FOREVER by then.
-- Camille, age 10

You might have to guess, based on whether they seem to be yelling at the same kids.
-- Derrick, age 8

Both don't want any more kids.
-- Lori, age 8

Dates are for having fun, and people should use them to get to know each other. Even boys have something to say if you listen long enough.
-- Lynnette, age 8 (isn't she a treasure)

On the first date, they just tell each other lies and that usually gets them interested enough to go for a second date.
-- Martin, age 10

I'd run home and play dead. The next day I would call all the newspapers and make sure they wrote about me in all the dead columns.
-- Craig, age 9

When they're rich.
-- Pam, age 7

The law says you have to be eighteen, so I wouldn't want to mess with that.
-- Curt, age 7

The rule goes like this: If you kiss someone, then you should marry them and have kids with them. It's the right thing to do.
-- Howard, age 8

It's better for girls to be single but not for boys. Boys need someone to clean up after them.
-- Anita, age 9 (bless you child)

There sure would be a lot of kids to explain, wouldn't there?
-- Kelvin, age 8

And The #1 Response... (note from Nicole - i think i have to agree. #1. hilarious)

Tell your wife that she looks pretty, even if she looks like a dump truck.
-- Ricky, age 10

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I told you I can't really share good things...

... so I resort to posting other people's blogs!

This is a new fav of mine -
Carolyn McCulley is becoming a dear friend...

I'm posting this because this has come up in several conversations I've had over the last few weeks - with various people, mind you. I've had a pretty firm opinion about it, but this helps me. I finally have something good (i.e. - Biblical) to say when I talk to people... instead of "I just don't like it," or "I don't think its best."

So, enjoy!... and believe me, don't think I haven't thought about it!

Ten Points to Ponder About Online Dating

Ah, yes. The first frost, the bare trees, and the retail stores all decorated for Christmas. We're in the season the Solitaire Triple Crown – with Thanksgiving just past (where the turkey is the only single male around, and look what happened to him!), Christmas (you know you’re lonely when you’re trying to catch the eye of the mall Santa), and New Year’s Eve (Blockbuster, here I come).

Then one day your eyes are drawn to an advertisement for online dating. "Hmmm, maybe this is my ticket to a date for the holidays." Perhaps. But before you fire up that computer, you might want to ask yourself some questions first. Here are ten points to ponder about online dating before investing your cash or your time.

Is it wrong to use the Internet? No. The Internet is just a tool. People use it for good and for evil. Inherently it has no moral value. Thus Christians have to consider their motives for using this tool. I've been asked if those who are using online dating services are not trusting God. My answer is, "I don't know. I can't possibly know the motives of millions of people."

There's a lot to be said about motives, but before we get there, let's just consider the cold hard facts. Online dating is one of the most profitable activities on the Internet, according to numerous industry articles published online. Successful businesses are built on repeat clientele. So you have to be savvy about what the numbers really mean. According to a recent syndicated news report, one leading company claims approximately 12,000 couples have gotten married through its service. That's since its inception five years ago, presumably, but if you compared those 12,000 couples/24,000 individuals against the six-million user benchmark that this same company recently announced, that's less than a one percent return on investment. So if you are considering such a service such, you have to remember that first and foremost it's a business. A very profitable business.

Speaking of that low return on investment, let's consider another factor in the equation: how we steward our finances as Christians. The Bible has a lot to say about money and how we are to handle what we receive from God. (I don't have time to develop this thought now, but I'll refer you to an excellent book on the topic – Randy Alcorn's "Money, Possessions, & Eternity.") So I would ask those considering such a service if they have prayed about it and if they believe before God that this would be a good use of their money. I'm not saying that the answer is automatically no. I'm not God. I'm simply recommending that we talk to our heavenly Father before we presume to make such an investment. We will have to give an account one day about what we did with what He gave us.

Money is not the only thing to be invested in online dating – much time is required, as well, which is another gift from God. Given your other responsibilities, is this the best use of your time in light of eternity? Have you prayed about it?

Have you considered how you'll be accountable for your interactions with others online? Just as there is safety in being observed and accountable in your "carbon-based" relationships, there is the same, if not greater, need in cyberspace. Would you be willing to share your user IDs and passwords with others so that your correspondence could be observed?

Now, back to those heart motives. Here are some questions to consider. Are you feeling panicked or anxious that you have to "do something" about your singleness? (Please note the emphasis here on anxiety. I'm not saying that it's bad to be proactive about getting married.) Are you believing the best about God's plan and timing for your life, or are you thinking this is your last available option? Are you sinning in your thoughts against the opposite sex, judging them for not responding to you? Have others submitted observations to you about your previous relationships that you have ignored or left unresolved? Are you anxious about your impending birthday? Are you trying to get a date for a future event or holiday celebration because you dread being alone in those situations? And finally, have you considered the strong possibility (given the data I presented above) that you might end up paying to be rejected? That sounds harsh, but obviously that's a common experience in such a clinical environment as online dating. Have you thought about the effect that this might have on your soul? Have you counted that emotional and spiritual cost?

Have you sought counsel from others about this idea? By others, I don't mean just your other single friends. What is your pastor's advice to you? What would your small-group leaders say? What is your parents' perspective? What about your accountability partners? Would they be willing to "shepherd" you through this process?

Have you thought about the narcissism factor? Let's be completely honest here. You won't be receiving all the normal visual and sociological clues about someone you meet online. So any giddiness you might experience while corresponding online has nothing to do with the other person. It has everything to do with the rush of thinking someone else finds you attractive. But you won't know that for sure until you meet. How are you planning to guard your heart in such a scenario?

We all know that there can be quite a gap between what a person will tell you about himself and what he actually does. When you go online, you initially forfeit a very useful research tool, which is the ability to observe a man's or a woman’s interactions with others. You also typically forfeit the recommendations of others. You only have an individual’s own recommendations to weigh. How are you planning to compensate for this?

About that Big Meet, you are aware that the collective testimony of online daters is that no one ever looks like their photo ... right?

In presenting these questions, I’m not taking a position for or against online dating. I realize that, yes, a small percentage of people have married someone they met online. I also know many more people who have not met anyone suitable online. This, like many aspects of modern life, has no clear chapter-and-verse directive in the Bible. It is a wisdom issue. So I am praying that these ten points will help many singles wisely discern their motives, seek counsel, and consider this activity against what Christians are clearly commanded by Scripture to do and seek.Even in the age of the Internet, God’s promises for our provision still stand. “Therefore do not be anxious, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” (Matthew 6:31-33).

Sunday, May 13, 2007

CDG - blog 1

I need to go thru my notes again. I should probably write them out, type them up - something.
At the end of April, my good friend Julie and I were given the privilege of attending the 2007 Children Desiring God conference in Minneapolis. It was great to spend this quality time with Julie, and I am so thankful for the soaked feeling I had upon my departure. I was literally dripping with the teachings of some of the most humble men and women! Everyone just wept over the thankfulness they felt had over the cross.

I'm sure I'm not articulating this well, so for now, you'll just get a photo walk thru of the trip.

More later and I continue to process...

the plane ride. one of four. :o)
i can't remember where this is ... but i'm pretty sure it's on the approach to Chicago.

our tiny rental car

the theme of the conference
and two cute boys.
(just kidding - I just noticed they were in this pic)

Bethlehem Baptist Church
Pastor: John Piper
also the home church of Desiring God Ministries

the entry way to the sanctuary at Bethlehem

Julie standing in front of their International Worker board. Look how many they have serving overseas! One day, Lord!

Hope Academy. One day, Lord.

Wayne Grudem. He taught 10 chapters from Systematic Theology in three hours. Talking about having a week of class with this man... WOW! Eat your heart out seminary boys.
CJ Mahaney. Eat your heart out Reformed Charismatics.

I loved worshipping next to this man. What joy he has in singing the name of Jesus!

by far the funnest picture - and the last picture - we took.

This little boy was rollin' in his Caddy to the convience store for some Bug Juice! His dad was walking behind him the whole way. SO FUNNY!

So, as unspiritual as it may be - I thought this would at least get me going in sharing with you about my time in Minnesota. (pronounced miny-SOOO-da)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

i love TCC

i just really do.
i love our monthly fellowships.
i love how much we are growing.
anyway, last night was our May Fellowship. here are some of my favorite photos of the night.
if you have facebook, there's a whole 55 picture album on there... so go see!

Eric: Oh, Man! I just struck out in WHIFFLE ball!

Travis: It's okay! It was God's plan. I'm your Pastor!


Me and Amanda


sweet Anna W

Kristin and our neighbor, Brendi

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

sorry, barlett

so as most of you know, my roommate, Alicia, just finished up her 9-10 month stint with Bartlett Tree Experts. no, she wasn't an aborist, but she worked there - thus supplying somewhat of an allegiance for me to them. (i also cleaned their office once a week for a few months).

well, she doesn't work there anymore - nor do i... so i guess i'm okay with seeing this new company around. (granted, they aren't new - but new in my life, apparently).

i drove up to my house (as close as i could get) at lunch to pickup my laptop for work tonight... and this is what i saw.

blocking my driveway, walk-way, and entire front yard. there were orange cones (and one of them was between our house and the boys house with a clipboard tied to it- with a work order).

i had to leave before they did anything. (actually, the men in the trucks were asleep when i got there around 12:15 and were still asleep around 12:35 when I left... so, I hope those weren't billable hours for someone)...
((shout out to alicia - my camera was dead, so i used yours for this project.))

anyone want to guess what the house and yard might look like when we get home tonight???

Monday, April 23, 2007

the walk...

Well, the walk was Saturday.

And I finished.

I wasn't so sure about it around time we passed the WF Post Office. That was the 1 mile mark. They provided a map of the course - and then gave you some options. There were turn around points for folks who only wanted to do 1 mile, 2 miles or the whole thing. Don't think that I didn't consider each of these options. Especially when I consider my normal workout routine doesn't put me even to the two-mile mark. I'm just slow!

But, alas... I did it. I'm still hurting a little. Mostly my legs, of course - below the knee... However, while my roommates were gone yesterday afternoon enjoying a canoe ride at Lake Johnson, I had THE WORST CRAMP of my entire life... in the back of my left thigh. I literally scream and fell off the couch... I think Poucha ran away... maybe she couldn't handle watching the pain... I don't know. Anyway, I'm just realizing I forgot to tell my roommates about that. Thankfully, I was still able to walk afterward (though it felt like knives had been inserted into my leg permanently) and even take a short nap...

Anyway, I'm thankful I did it. I am growing more thankful each day, of course... as the pain wears off. :o) We still went to the gym this morning, but I chose to do arms... not the treadmill. lol.

Kate took some pictures, so hopefully I will be able to update this post with some of them later.

Good job Kate, Ben, Candace and Kristin! We raise around $1000 as a team. YAY!

Praise God that the Pregancy Support Services of Wake Forest raised over $43,000! I heard that was around 20 times the amount from last year... wow! I hope to hear more about the walk later this week. I'm sure they will post something on their site.

Something else to praise God for... 73% of women who see their sonogram Choose Life! WOW!

Friday, April 13, 2007

i'm making an attempt...

I will be participating in my first 5K on Saturday, April 21st.

It is to raise support for the Pregnancy Support Services of Wake Forest.

The purpose of the Walk for Life is to raise awareness of the services provided by PSSWF to the community in and around Wake Forest. The main emphasis of the Walk is to increase funding to enable PSSWF to continue to impact women, men and children, and to save lives!

So, I'm writing to you - the blog world - asking you to considering making a donation to the PSSWF. No gift is too small! We encourage gifts of any amount for this Fund Raiser.

All gifts will be collected by April 20th, 2007.

If I can get 10 of you to donate 5$, I'll reach the goal the PSS has asked each walker to provide.

so... lemme know!

p.s. - yes, all donations are tax deductible!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

May I have your attention please...

I've spoken with some of you about this blog. It's super fun...

Chris Sligh's blog -

check it out.

(p.s. - he also has one called Theological Digressions)... see, I told you you'd learn more by clicking the links to "Other Fun Bloggers" than by reading mine!


Monday, February 26, 2007

No wonder I don't feel so good...

The winter months often bring sickness to many households and families around me. Children get the sniffles; moms fight off the flu in order to keep thier homes running smoothly. But I was thinking about how sometimes I just don't feel good. Blah is the best way to describe it. Isn't that funny? Well, it's not, actually... its disturbing to me.

Let me explain. Often, when I feel "blah," I can look back and see a pattern of sin; a time of struggle over bad habits; a season of being away from the word. We all know we need nourishment and a healthy lifestyle to live up the schedules that we create for ourselves.

What a gift that God calls us to himself. He gives us the desire for him. Amazing.

A couple of weeks ago, I had been thinking about all of these things, and at church, we sang a song that helped me see...

Satisfied - Author Unknown
All my life long I have panted for a drink from some cool spring
That I hoped would quench the burning of the thirst I felt within
Hallelujah! He has found me, the one my soul so long has craved,
Jesus satisfies all my longings, through His blood I now am saved.

Feeding on the filth around me til my strength was almost gone,
Longed my soul for something better, only still to hunger on.
Hallelujah! He has found me, the one my soul so long has craved,
Jesus satisfies all my longings, through His blood I now am saved.

Poor I was and sought for riches, something that would satisfy,
But the dust I gathered 'round me, only mocked my soul's sad cry.
Hallelujah! He has found me, the one my soul so long has craved,
Jesus satisfies all my longings, through His blood I now am saved.

Well of water ever springing, bread of life so rich and free,
Untold wealth that never faileth, my Redeemer is to me.
Hallelujah! He has found me, the one my soul so long has craved,
Jesus satisfies all my longings, through His blood I now am saved.

Father, help me to see my cravings for satisfaction and joy as your design to draw me - let me never feast on the filth around me - its satisfaction is so quickly fleeting... Father, you are enough!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Can I ever be a runner?...

in my recent days (as in, a week or so now) of going to the gym regularly, i'm back on my kick of eventually becoming a runner. honestly, i think it looks cool. i won't lie. plus, you can do it anywhere! :-) (unless you're at the mall - that's really more for walkers. you don't want store owners chasing you do you??) so, with training comes education. so, i've been researching. then i came across this. ha! i hope it encourages you to keep moving! (i'm trying to...)

Reasons Not To Run: (by Jesslyn Cummings)...
Every runner or jogger has their special excuse not to run; in fact, most people who don't run at all have their excuses too. Presented here are some of my favorite excuses why people don't run. Whether it is a runner's excuse to skip a day or a nonrunner's excuse to not start running, here are ten of them and why they don't hold water.
1) I'm too out-of-shape.
This excuse is usually used by those who aren't runners, but I've heard it from runners who got injured or sick and had to take time off of running. It's really quite sad actually because running is a great way to get into shape. If you ask me, noone is too out-of-shape to get in shape. You may have to start walking and then work up to very slow running, but you can do it. Just talk to your doctor first.
2) Running causes injuries.
Yes, running does cause injuries sometimes, but not any more than most other sports. You're a lot less likely to get hurt running (if you take it slow and easy while you're adjusting to running) than if you were a gymnast. You don't have to get hurt if you are a runner. Just go slow, listen to your body, and warm-up properly before each run.
3) It’ll ruin my knees (joints or body).
Just like "running causes injuries," this excuse only applies to people who are pushing themselves too fast or not properly letting their muscles/body become accustomed to running. Being overweight can make running harder on your knees, but, if you take your time and work up to running, your knees, body, and joints won't get hurt.
4) I don’t have enough time.
This is just an excuse, nothing more. Life is going by so fast, but nothing should be as important as your health. Take even 15 minutes a day to yourself and go for a walk or run. It's all about priorities.
5) I’ve never been good at running.
This is one of my personal favorite excuses because it used to apply to me. I wasn't good at running, but, like many other things, we get good at running by practicing it. It's that simple; if you run and take it slow, eventually you'll get better at it.
6) The Shoes Cost Too Much.
Sure, running shoes can be expensive, but it's not like you have to pay for a canoe or a bike. A good pair of shoes can make running easier and help prevent injuries, but that doesn't mean that you'll get hurt without an expensive pair of running shoes. Start out with what you have, take it easy, and save up for the good sneakers.
7) I’m tired.
This is another of my own personal excuses. After a long day at work, running can seem like a chore that you just don't have energy for. Believe me when I say, I understand. But exercise releases endorphins (making you feel happy) and it can help wake you up. When I'm tired or even starting to feel sick, I have found that going for a run is a much better cure than sitting around watching TV or trying to get anything done around my house. So, don't let this be your excuse because that's exactly what it is: an excuse.
8) Running is hard work.
Sometimes running can be hard work, but sometimes it can be pure ecstasy, like you're floating on a cloud. It's worth putting in the hard work to get the payoff. Maybe you haven't felt the payoff yet, but even so your body is receiving so much benefit. Next time you're thinking running isn't worth the effort, check out all these benefits.
9) It's too hot (or too cold).
In the summer, the heat is too much; in the winter, the cold is more than I can handle. I've heard it all (and probably said it myself one too many times). You can run through a lot of weather conditions, just be smart. In the heat, take extra water and try to run in the coolest times of day. In the cold, layer your clothing properly and try to run in the hottest times of day. In any weather, if you have access to a treadmill or indoor track, count yourself lucky and use it.
10) Your ovaries will fall out.
My personal favorite, above all others: "Your ovaries will fall out." This one just makes me laugh and you may be thinking I made this up, but I've heard it again and again. It's typically what mothers and grandmothers tell 25-35 year old women who have just started running. It's completely a myth; don't believe it. Lots of very serious competitors in running have had children and apparently their ovaries are just fine.

Ok. Again. I'm not a runner. It will take time. But this made me laugh. - especially number 10!


Monday, February 12, 2007

look at these beauties!

I'm so thankful for my friends! :-) Here are a few of them...

Casey - on the far right (and also the photographer) - her husband, Dan, took this one, actually!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

learning to be a crown

I know that sounds like a funny heading... but it sums up a little of the ladies' retreat I went on over the weekend with the girls from my Community Group at TCC. We headed off on Friday up to Spruce Pine, NC. It was really pretty - cold and a little snowy on the drive up - but pretty.

The couple we stayed with have a house nestled in the mountain that rivals any cottage or ski lodge I've ever stayed in! There is even a cool loft that you get to by ladder - with a walkway/bridge that goes above the living room to another ladder - and it goes to an observatory, of sorts. Wow! It was all just so beautiful. They were so gracious to share their home with the 10 of us who were able to go from our group. We really missed Wendy, Iris and Yuna! We realized how much we loved getting away with one another, so hopefully we'll plan more than one a year! The picture to the right is Becca M. - she went up the ladder to see the fun loft (and to talk on her cell phone in the rocking chair up there) :o)

Friday night served as a time to hang out a little and chat about our week prior. Of course it was nice to just be still a little, too, since Kristin and I had just retured from LA on Wednesday of the same week. Julie had some yummy cookies there which served as a nice treat! She was also using this down time while we were all preparing for bed to study and read - getting ready to lead us in Bible Study sessions on becoming Proverbs 31 women. I am thankful for the time that we spent in the word learning about the fear of the Lord, but I am thankful just the same for the way that God allowed me to learn so much from the women I went along with. Each of them has been giften in so many ways - and I am always happy to see how God is using them in their husband's/finance's/roommate's lives! This picture is Kristin, Joanna and Becca looking thru our treat bags. Inside was our favorite candies and a set of yarn and knitting needles, as Becca would be teaching us on Saturday how to knit! :-)

Saturday morning was so beautiful and we were able to have some time to ourselves to read and eat breakfast then be ready to start the sessions.

Julie did a great job leading us. We sang together and prayed. What a great task is ahead of me... to learn to be a wife and mother. I know that the challenge will come in time, and there is much to learn before it gets here. I am especially thankful to learn about fearing a Holy God who will equip me for these good works in my family to come. After our session, we started working together to make a quilt for Grace. She and Josh have a baby boy, Josiah, coming in early March. What a fun project to do together. We spent a little time that morning just beginning to iron and cut the fabrics so that we could start sewing the strips into patterns. Everyone had their hand in it, so it was so special! Even mommy Grace took part... what a fun story to share with your child later! We were only able to work about an hour before we needed to leave.

Julie had asked a few of the women in the area if we could spend some time with them - just getting to hear how God has used them in the lives of their families and church thru the years. Two of the women were widows (one for 1o years and one for only 6 months), so their stories were especially sweet as they shared about what it's like to miss someone after spending 30, 40, 50 years together. What a sweet time of prayer we had with these women as we sat and listened.

They also provided a super yummy lunch for us, which was so kind - as we wanted to serve them! I really loved hearing about ways they still feel they can serve when the temptation would probably be to fully "retire."

The rest of the afternoon, we worked on the quilt more and some folks rested and took walks in the beautiful woods around the home. There were lots of Christmas tree farms and even snow on the ground in places.

Mary Alice worked on making some fabulous chicken quesadillas for dinner and we finished quickly so we could get to celebrate with Kristin for her birthday!!! Those of you who know me, know that I love birthdays (mine and others!). Julie made Kristin one of her favorite cakes. I am so thankful for Kristin's life... and every day I see new ways that God is teaching her. She is very considerate of others and she loves to serve. Happy Birthday, K-dog. :-) I love you so much!

After dinner, we finished the quilt except for a few last things, so that was really fun. At that point, I think our total time spent on it was 5-6 hours. Around 8 or so, we all moved to the living room for Becca to start teaching us about knitting.

She was such a gracious and patient teacher and moved from one person to another showing them exactly what to do. It took me a minute or so to understand about the twists and turns, but I'm starting to see a pattern form. Since we've been home, I've done a few more rows, so now it's getting harder to hold in place. I have much to learn, but hopefully I can at least make it long enough to be a scarf for someone. I already have a friend in mind, which helps so much! :o) I'll be sure to post pictures about that as time goes on...

After a few minutes of working on the knitting, I decided to get up and go finish the last of the quilt. Dana was helpful and she, Holly, Hannah and Julie and I got it rolled out. What a fun trick. Here's the finished product...

I took it home, actually, to get the edge closed up by hand and check the seams. There are still some small details to take care of, which Casey will have to help me with... but I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. Grace is having a boy, so we tried to think about that along with tying in the antique toy colors they plan to use in the nursery.

Sunday we had our last session and prayed that God would help us in our journey to be women of the Word who fear God and desire to be women that our husbands are known for... their crown.

We drove back together and stopped in Hickory for lunch at Cracker Barrel, like good southern women. YUM! Thankfully, Holly noticed some trouble in the back of her car. Coming down the curvy mountain, her entire large bottle of coffee creamer spilled! EEK!

We cleaned out the back of her car and tried to get everything as cleaned up as we could... thankfully, Allison's dad came along to say hi to her and helped finish the job. Whew! We had such a mess in the parking lot!

Big shout out to the girls who went. I really enjoyed spending time with each of you and look forward to the future times that God will give us to get to know one another and how to better serve each other. Love you!