Monday, July 16, 2007

28 years later...

... here I am. I don't know why... but I'm wondering if I can remember something fun about each of my years of life...

*** note - I will be adding pictures soon to this ***
BE WARNED. I AM QUEEN OF RANDOM FACTS AND REMEMBERING THE SUPER-EST DUMB THINGS EVER! You should probably be aware that as I remember things, I'll go back and add them in to the different years. I am fully aware that most people won't make it thru this whole thing, but its fun for me to remember...
SO FAR - I'm up to the end of 8th Grade.

June 13, 1979 - around 2:45 p.m. - yay! I'm here! I have a big sister named Stephanie. My mom is Inez and my dad is Bruce. He's super tall! John Wayne died today. He had cancer. :o(
June 14, 1979 - June 13th, 1980 - hmm. well, i'm a thumbsucker. actually, i'm not sure if i started that early or not - but probably. i'm also not sure if i was younger than one before i started walking. i do know that we moved a lot when i was little. so maybe i moved this year.

June 14th, 1980 - June 13th, 1981 - I have a new aunt. Yes, she's younger than me - Born Dec. 8th, 1980. I'm sure we hung out A LOT after she was born. I bet we moved again, too.

June 14th, 1981 - June 13th, 1982 - Well, I've just stopped being two years old. I think I was in the water a lot during this point in my life. Learning to play and swim and not be scared of it. I'm thankful for that! I still love to be in the water...
June 14th, 1982 - June 13th, 1983 - I don't know when, but we moved (or are getting ready to) move into our new house. It's my mom and dad's first one! It's brick and has a pool! YESSS!
I'm in daycare. So is Kristin Schatz. Maybe we'll still be friends when we're 28. Yep. I've been kissing boys. A man my mom worked with, Hawk, had two boys there - Carlos and OJ. I kissed them both.

June 14th, 1983 - June 13th, 1984 - Well, my mom is pregnant. There's a baby coming in January. I hope its a puppy. :o) I KNOW we're in our new house now. We live in Bostic, NC. We go to Glenwood Baptist Church. My daddy is still really tall. My mom's sisters are pregnant, too. Lora and June are both due in November.

June 14th, 1984 - June 13th, 1985 (Kindergarten)- It wasn't a puppy. It was a boy. He came early... about a month early - but still over 8 pounds. My momma was happy. He got to have Christmas with us. My two cousins were born in the couple of weeks before Adam. Roslyn and Dustin.
I dressed up funny for Christmas this year. Oh, and I love the Smurfs. AND - I started school. Bostic Elementary. The bobcats. I got a red plastic trashcan. I also got paddled this year - because I was giggling during circle/carpet time. We were supposed to be telling our memorized addresses and phone numbers - but I kept giggling because I knew we were about to have a suprise party for my teacher. She got mad (maybe she was feeling old that day) and went to get the paddle (and the 1st grade teachers (she said "look how bad she is" to her) to watch) - when we walked back in the class - they yelled "SUPRISE" and she felt bad.
I have NO idea why my teacher's assistant didn't stop her. :''-( i cried. I also remember going to the fall festival and riding a horse around the playground. I also remember kissing a boy named Matt.

June 14th, 1985 - June 13th, 1986 (First Grade) - Well, I was in first grade this year. I remember us going on a field trip - we had to bring a dollar for an ice cream from McDonalds - I forgot my money and the teacher made me feel guilty because she paid for it. I got strawberry on mine. Also, The HuggaBunch came on tv. My friends and I tried to go thru the mirror. I remember there was tempra paint powder bottles in our class bathroom. I love that smell. Also, this boy James used to sing EVERY TIME he went to the bathroom. We used to laugh at him so much. I am good at spelling.

June 14th, 1986 - June 13th, 1987 (Second Grade) - I started 2nd grade at Bostic Elementary - then we moved around Labor Day to Rutherfordton. It's in the same county - but it feels very far away. We have a bigger house... but no pool. Our house is long and white.
My dad really embarrased me when he took me to my new class. He told my teacher in front of everyone that I talk to much. They burst out laughing. :o( My teacher was super mean and got in a lot of trouble for hurting kids that year. She used to stick her fingernails in our shoulders... and she pushed my friend/cousin Kim J. up against the chalkboard.
I also got a boyfriend this year. Michael. And I pulled Kim's pants down on the playground. I don't know why. Shanikka C. was my friend. Tyeanne, too. We are going to find a new church because Glenwood is too far away. :o( We have a much bigger house, though - four bedrooms! Great for parents who have three kids... my sister and I share our own bathroom and that's really cool. Everything in our house is green... the carpets, the stove/oven, the lenolium - everything! Apparently, its because we bought the house from the Greenways.

June 14th, 1987 - June 13th, 1988 (Third Grade) - Before I started school this year, we went to a new church that many of my family who've passed on before me in my family are buried. It's a really special church to my family, I guess. It's called Pleasant Hill Baptist. I'm in the GA's - and I got to go to camp. Camp is awesome. I hope I go every summer! It's called South Mountain Baptist Camp and I am absolutely in love with every boy that works there. And I met Kasey. (we're still friends, too!)
Then, I went to 3rd grace. 3rd grade was fun. Mrs. Bryan was my teacher. Her daughter, Allison, is my sister's friend. Her classroom always smells like black pepper. I've also started going to AG class part of the week. I really like it.
My parents bought a video camera. They took a lot of videos. I think I'm a superstar. Now all our Christmas's will be on video, too. Also, my aunt and uncle had another baby - her name is Emily. She came in February. My mom got to be at the hospital and she took a lot of video of that day.

June 14th, 1988 - June 13th, 1989 (Fourth Grade) - A new decade came! Cool. I got to go to camp again this summer!! 4th grade was cool... except that I was sick all the time and had to get my tonsils out during Spring Break. Mrs. Roach was my teacher and she lives near me, too. She brought me a night gown - which I LOVED - for my recovery. For some reason, I also remember that Jessica Prevatt's big sister, Nikki, won Homecoming Queen at Central that year. AG was fun again this year, too.
We watched Man from Snowy River and made fun of Jessica Prevatt and Tommy Smith. We told them they were the girl and boy from that movie and that they should kiss.

June 14th, 1989 - June 13th, 1990 (Fifth Grade) - So, I just finished 5th grade. I'm totally going to middle school next year. Awesome. Now my boyfriend was Tommy Smith. (I wonder what he's doing these days. Ha.) I remember his birthday is the same as Sarah's. She's my best friend. We're also semi-related. Her dad married my cousin. Tyeanne is also still my best friend. And Kelly Riley and I went back and forth over Tommy. I think eventually we decided he wasn't worth it and were fun friends. lol. New Kids on the Block are my favorite singers. A bunch of my friends went to see them in concert. Not me. Also, I think this was the year that Mandy King got a limo for her birthday. I was so super jealous that I didn't get picked to go with them!
Oh well. Mrs. Meador is my teacher and we have a combo class - i.e. - there are 4th graders in class with me. This year in AG, we made inventions and kids from Spindale Elementary competed with us. I remember Nikki Gowan. Apparently others were there that I became friends with later, but I only remember Nikki. I remember that Josh Gilbert gave Laura Greenway a ring. I think it was for Valentine's Day. Tommy gave me a felt picture that you color with markers, a fake rose and a copied tape of New Kids. I think this is when I decided he wasn't worth it... lol. j/k
This year, the Gideons came to my school and gave us all little red bibles. The man that came to my class scared me super badly because he said I would go to hell if I didn't get saved. (which is true, of course, but he was really mean). Also, he was loud. My church was having revival that week, so I went down front. No way I wanna go to hell, you know?
p.s. - i'm still going to camp every summer around the time of my birthday each year. I'm starting to meet some girls that I'll be penpals with.
June 14th, 1990 - June 13th, 1991 (Sixth Grade)- So, I just finished my 6th grade year. Lots of new boys - from some other elementary schools... so cute! I REALLY like Ammon Lesher though. He's super cool and stylin'. (I remember saying that in 6th grade a LOT). Not to be weird or embarrasing about this, but my body is changing. A lot. AND I got glasses. DJ Reid always wants to wear them, so I let him. He's cute. So I let him. ha! In Science/Math class, we did a lot of measuring. We had an ice cream party and I learned what an ounce of choclate syrup looks like in a little cup. Also, I got in a fight. Like... a fist fight. With a boy. Brian Gordon. I do NOT like him! Also, we are at war with Iraq. A guy I know from my church who has only been married a little while has to go. And another guy, too, but he isn't married yet.
My sister is in 8th grade. We fight a lot. She plays sports and all I care about is boys.
June 14th, 1991 - June 13th, 1992 (Seventh Grade) - I changed a lot this year... personality, looks, etc... I had a few boyfriends and started hanging out with some older people some. We dissected frogs in science. All the girls wanted boy partners because we assumed we'd be grossed out. It was the boys who were grossed out. My partner was Josh Gilbert. Also, Mitch started a sketching hobby... he would "graffitti" peoples names. Everyone wanted one.
Also, he flicked spit at a substitute and it hit her in the back of the head. She felt it but didn't know where it came from.
I remember Channel One in homeroom, too.
I also ran for Student Council for the next school year. Jessica Prevatt beat me.
Jennifer Edwards and Blakeley Jones were my campaign managers.
The new high school is almost complete. Mark West was killed in a car accident. (I know his younger brother)
I was score keeper for the basketball team. That was cool.
Two days before school was out, I twisted my ankle in a hole and broke it! It was Laura Greenway's fault. She, Jessica Hames and I were testing markers for Mrs. Hogan so we could toss her dried up ones away during clean-up week and Laura kept tossing marker lids into the grass... I told her we'd get in trouble, so I was "fetching them." Then it happened.
It looked awful! I waited in the office for my dad and we spent the next several hours at the hospital. The next day, thinking it was just a bad sprain, I was on crutches at school and basically stopped using them by mid-day. I just hopped and limped everywhere.
Then my mom showed up at school to get me because the doctor had spotted a break in the x-rays. So she took me to Spartanburg and I got a purple cast put on. Just in time for the last day of school. I went around and let people sign in.
I turned 13 on this birthday... 1992. I had a dance party at the Spindale House.
Brad Edwards was my dj. He brought his stereo over.
NOT fun with a broken leg.
June 14th, 1992 - June 13th, 1993
My family went to Florida (Panama City Beach) for vacation. NOT fun in a cast!
But I started 8th grade. Its also the first year of the new high school. When the first day was over, three football players were killed in a car accident as they were turning out onto the highway from the parking lot.
I have a boyfriend, but my parents don't know. Basically, its because he's a different race, so I'm afraid to tell them. Lots of rumors are going around (even in my own family) but they aren't true! He's just my boyfriend at school. We write notes and talk on the phone. Nothing else! Well, we kiss sometimes, but that's it. The rumors aren't true! I'm 13 for goodness sake!
Anyway, I'm in 8th grade and I love it. We rule the school. HA!
Now it's December... Christmas break. Revival at my church again... and I know I'm not a Christian. So along with 13 other people from my church (including the pianist and a deacon), I accepted Christ on Dec. 27th. WOW!~
So, it's time to evaluate this boyfriend situation. I know it should end. I'm lying and being deceptive. So, for the next 6 months of school, we are back and forth. Awful!
A boy in the 7th grade shot himself. I found out I was distantly related... but everyone in the school made fun of him all the time. So sad.
Our Junior Beta club went to the state convention - we won several prizes... like 1st Place Scrapbook in the state! I was Editor. We were in the paper.
Also, I won 3rd place photography. But I didn't take the picture. My big sister did. Lying again!
In the spring, my MawMaw got really sick really fast and passed away the day of my school's field day. May 19th. I am really sad and crying a LOT. My brother was very sick that day as well and had to be admitted to the hospital around the time of her death. Some kind of virus that the majority of my family ended up having. (I still can't drink fruit punch to this day without thinking of that sickness.)
Also, we are the last class to graduated from New Hope Middle School. Next year, all the middle schools are combining to R-S Middle School because the new high school is built and they used the old high school (with renovations) to combine the schools. I will be the only person in my family to never attend class in that building.
Oh... and camp is soon!
check back soon for updates!

So, that's all I've got for now... I thought I'd let people get a head start on reading