Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sometimes at night...

I get distracted.
It could be any number of things that stop me from going to sleep.

Like these things:

A spinning ceiling fan
the television...

You get the picture, right?

Well, the time comes to go to bed last night... and I walk in my room. I'm obviously looking around the room because something looks odd. Can you see it?

Up there.

On the wall. Above the window! That's right. A bug. A HUGE ROACH. AHHHHHH. It's not moving...
I stand there for a few moments trying to figure out what to do. I consider my options. There are none, really. That thing must die before I go to sleep. Die all the way dead.

So, Alicia is gone and Kristin has already gone to bed... but we share a wall, so I figured that if I started throwing things at the other wall, she's going to hear it and get up anyway...

So, I consider my weapon of choice... thank you Old Navy.

I decide that it's best if I go ahead and get the flops ready and go tell Kristin that sounds will be coming...they may be loud and there is probably going to be squealing. Ew.

She is so kind. She doesn't even hesitate... she says, "I'm coming to help you." She comes straight to my room and develops a plan to stand on my furniture and crush the monster with a cardboard box top that was in my floor. WOW! How thankful! She was so calm and just got right up there and did it.

She moved the box top and of course... the bug is gone. What?

I was watching her and the box and the wall the WHOLE time! What's the deal? She stays up there a little bit and finally, she sees it. It did fall, only half dead on the nightstand below. That's right. Half dead. Remember what I said before, though? The only option is for it to be dead dead before I go to sleep.

So, she gets down and tells me not to look. She handled everything like a champ and I went to sleep just fine!