Friday, September 28, 2007

I am so thankful...

for this.
Following the trail... From Joe Thorn's Blog where he points to Puritan Richard Mayo's sermon on The Prevention and Cure of Spiritual Pride to Justin Taylor's Blog to Carolyn McCulley's Blog to mine...

Mayo says: “It is a big-bellied sin; most of the sins that are in the world are the offspring and issue of pride.”

Joe Thorn summarizes some of the sins that pride gives birth to, and this should help anyone in their fight over pride (and laziness!):

Covetousness - because you believe you deserve something more than others.

Ungodly ambition - because you believe that you are most qualified, and the idea of someone else being preferred over you is an insult to your perceived worth.

Boasting - because everyone should know who you are and what you have accomplished.

Contention - because in picking fights you feel a sense of superiority over those who may (or may not) be in error.

Unthankfulness - because you deserve everything you get!

Selfishness - because others do not!

Self-deceit - because it’s easier to believe you are something, when in fact you are nothing.

A judgmental attitude - because you believe the errors of others are much more serious than your own.

Gossip - because you look so much better when telling others how awful someone else is. Mayo said that the proud “endeavor to build their own praise upon the ruins of others’ reputation.”

Complaining - because God should have consulted you before orchestrating the events of your day/life.

Hypocrisy - because you must hide the truth, your own failures, in order to avoid shame and accumulate praise.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

i'm on a hunt...

...for more blogs to read!

Some of the ones I keep up with don't post very often, and a girl needs things to check, you know?!

So ... comment back - on some of your fav's.

They can be friends' blogs.
They can be scholarly blogs.
They can be professional blogs.
... be creative and fill me in!


Monday, September 17, 2007

There's a reason people dread this...

My 10 Year High School Reunion is less than three weeks away.

I am excited to see old friends, find out where they've been... who they married... what their kids look like, etc... But, there is a reason why people hate going to these things.

For one... most of us don't look the same.

Here's a prime example: this is me at Junior Prom with David Connor. I don't know that I've spoken to him once since we graduated... If so, it's been brief