Friday, January 25, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

is it just me?

imagine blonde wavy hair instead.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Southeast Asia

if this post sounds odd, i apologize... i am simply posting the support letter that was written for my aunt, her friend and myself.

Family and Friends,
We pray that your holidays were fun and filled with lots of love and sugar cookies! We had nice visits with family and enjoyed a couple of days off from work.

We look forward to the New Year, celebrating with friends and family on New Year’s Eve, and seeing what God has in store for our life. We want to take a moment of your time and share about an opportunity that we have to serve and ask that you might pray about how you can be involved!

As the winter approached, we, Nicole and Lora, began seriously discussing the possibility of visiting Lora’s daughter (Nicole’s cousin, Roslyn). Both of us desire to encourage Roslyn while she’s working in Southeast Asia and thought that it might be a grand adventure to try it out. Neither of us has either traveled like that without a group, so we talked about all of our options. After hearing about some of the opportunities that we might be given while going to visit her, adding a third friend, Shelly, an RN, to the team seemed perfect!

Our plan is to fly out on March 13th and return Easter Sunday, March 23rd. While we’re there, we have a main focus goal of loving Roslyn well and seeking to encourage her by spending time with her, praying for her, pampering her and seeing what life is like each day so that when she returns to the States, she’ll always have a sounding board who can somewhat understand.

Also while we’re there… we plan to reach out to some other groups and do what we can… There is a national couple in Roslyn’s town that does a lot of ministry work. They have a center for slum children (they help to take care of them, make sure they’re in school, etc.)… They aren’t orphans, their parents are just having a hard time. They also have a sewing center for the moms. With that said, we hope to be able to visit the children and love on them, visit the slum where their parents live and take advantage of some ministry opportunities with the moms.

There is a need for training and teaching with these women (about 100-150) about things like hygiene, malnutrition and eating properly. We will also be able to share with the women about how they should value and care for their children. We may even be able to visit another orphanage, and have a parents' night out for some of the other friends living there. It will definitely be an eye-opening experience in many ways.

Of course, this kind of trip has costs attached to it as well as other needs like collecting items for the women and children. We are gathering a list of these things, so if you feel that this is a way you can help, please let us know. If you are able to help financially with the expenses of this journey, it is most appreciated! It will cost each of us around $2000 for flight and other travel expenses. If you can help, you can mail a donation to any of the three of us. Please make your check payable to Bat Cave Baptist Church. In the memo line, write “Southeast Asia Trip.”
For obvious internet reasons, I'm not actually posting my address (or theirs) on here... but would be happy to send it to you if you are able and interested in helping us.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

a few reasons why i do what i do on Sunday mornings...

Thankfully, God provided an opportunity for me to teach this year (and hopefully for a long time to come) in the Older Infant/Young Toddler classroom at our church.

Don't you want to squish them? So fun!

Friday, January 04, 2008

My first Martini

i know it's silly. and i don't have much to write about it... but just thought i'd share that i had my first martini. what you see is pretty much how i left it, too. ha.

pretty, huh?

Well, since I'm almost 30...

... I decided to make a new blog.
I'm not getting rid of this one - but you're welcome to follow some changes in my life/home, etc by going here:

I Am Almost Thirty...