Sunday, May 13, 2007

CDG - blog 1

I need to go thru my notes again. I should probably write them out, type them up - something.
At the end of April, my good friend Julie and I were given the privilege of attending the 2007 Children Desiring God conference in Minneapolis. It was great to spend this quality time with Julie, and I am so thankful for the soaked feeling I had upon my departure. I was literally dripping with the teachings of some of the most humble men and women! Everyone just wept over the thankfulness they felt had over the cross.

I'm sure I'm not articulating this well, so for now, you'll just get a photo walk thru of the trip.

More later and I continue to process...

the plane ride. one of four. :o)
i can't remember where this is ... but i'm pretty sure it's on the approach to Chicago.

our tiny rental car

the theme of the conference
and two cute boys.
(just kidding - I just noticed they were in this pic)

Bethlehem Baptist Church
Pastor: John Piper
also the home church of Desiring God Ministries

the entry way to the sanctuary at Bethlehem

Julie standing in front of their International Worker board. Look how many they have serving overseas! One day, Lord!

Hope Academy. One day, Lord.

Wayne Grudem. He taught 10 chapters from Systematic Theology in three hours. Talking about having a week of class with this man... WOW! Eat your heart out seminary boys.
CJ Mahaney. Eat your heart out Reformed Charismatics.

I loved worshipping next to this man. What joy he has in singing the name of Jesus!

by far the funnest picture - and the last picture - we took.

This little boy was rollin' in his Caddy to the convience store for some Bug Juice! His dad was walking behind him the whole way. SO FUNNY!

So, as unspiritual as it may be - I thought this would at least get me going in sharing with you about my time in Minnesota. (pronounced miny-SOOO-da)

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