Monday, November 26, 2007

reasons to pray...

my roommate is right. we need to be praying for our neighborhood on a more consisten and regular basis. its only because of Christ that we are different from the people we live around.

it's been an eventful month for me and i'm asking you to pray for wisdom. not just for me, but for my roommates as we seek to serve those around us, wisdom for the police in dealing with crime and injustices, etc etc... there's much to pray for.

November events (so far... i mean, we still have this week to get thru, right?)
My friend Donna moved.
Kristin and I got to share some overseas experiences with a church out in Burlington
My Della died. (the dell laptop)
I bought a MacBook.
Someone rear-ended me when I had to stop at a green light for some college students who were playing around in the road.
My friend Jenn got married!
My pawpaw turned 96 years old.
Our house got robbed. (and yes, they took the Mac - as well as a few of Kristin's things (one of her cameras, some cash, her bike,) and a few of my other things (radio, ipod))
Thanksgiving with family
Happy Thanksgiving Saturday - which was a booming success!

Alright. That's all for now. Just pray.


Ronnica said...

Sorry to hear that you got robbed! Going through 2 laptops in one month, wow!

Thanks for the reminder to pray!

db said...

what?! you were robbed? oh goodness. i am praying! i'll move back if it'll help. :o) love y'all!

Ronnica said...

I tagged you in a "7 weird things about me" meme on my blog; check it out!

Greg and Adrienne said...

Hey Nicole,

It's good to hear from you. Isn't crazy how fast time goes by? I love your blog. The map is really neat. I'm sorry about the robbery...You all are doing a great thing in downtown Raleigh. Keep persevering! Look foward to reading your future posts.



E-Rob said...

Yes it's fine to link me. :) Thanks for asking!
Sorry about your robbery - especially losing the Mac! My husband is a Mac guy and I know how important Macs are to Mac people.

Jennie said...

Hey Nicole! I've enjoyed reading your blog... I also tagged you for the "7 weird things about me" meme. Didn't know you'd already been tagged. Hope you're doing well today, Jennie

traitor 313 said...

Hey nicole,
its fine to post my blog on the side.
I'll definitely be praying for yall.


PS If you get time, check out my Church and Social action Blog,

Rafferty Family said...

You've been tagged on our blog.

Allison said...

What!!! Yall got robbed.I didn't know that!! Craziness! I want to hear about it.
And by the way, yes you can post our blog to yours...