Friday, February 08, 2008

My stressful week...

So at the end of 2007, I was tasked with some additional duties at my job.

I am not the support/contact person for the NC Child Care Commission.

You can check out more about what they do... but basically, they meet quarterly and I am one of the folks in charge of organizing the meeting, planning for discussion, assisting the commissioners with whatever they need as well as the DCD staff who serve as additional support and expert help!

here's a little picture of the room set up.

in the bottom left corner is my little station - laptop for minute taking, tissues (just in case!), files and folders of all the papers that will be referenced during the meeting - etc.

In the room, you'll see each spot laid out - with each commissioner having a specific seat at the table based on what term they are serving on the commission.

The podium is for those who will address the members - our Division Director, afternoon presentation participants, etc. In the middle, there's a laptop and projector set up for those presenters and on the bottom of that cart is a really fancy recording system that we use to record the meeting. There are tiny black microphones positioned just right all over the table - with one on the podium.

I checked and checked and checked the system after the meeting was over and it appeared to record just fine. That will help me tremendously when I go to do the minutes more efficiently.

Anyway - just wanted to share a little!


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Josh & Donna said... appear to be VERY VERY important now. CONGRATS!!