Monday, October 13, 2008

I got tagged...

I was tagged by Kelly at Fruit of the Womb ... a friend of mine from several years back...

* Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
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1. I am newly addicted to Tetris on Facebook.

2. I am constantly considering the kinds of things/decor/colors I would like to have in a house if I ever get to buy my own.

3. I am very, very afraid of thunderstorms - especially the really loud ones at night. It's sad for me because my roommates really like watching them, windows open, etc... the works. I could crawl up and cry!

4. I super-love office supplies!

5. I sell Avon.

6. I love to travel! Anywhere!

7. And for those of you who don't know or who aren't around here... I've lost 43 pounds so far. ;)

I tag:
Dawn and Jarrod (the duo)
Sheley and Chris (the duo)
Betsy and Britt (the duo)
Kathleen and Jason (the duo)
Cary and Jason (the duo)
Samantha and Jeremy (the duo)
Joy and Zane (the duo)

as in... both of you have to do it!

Enjoy! :)


Josh and Donna said...

43 lbs! wooo hooo!

Mark and Rachel said...

Like the new layout/color scheme. And congrats on the weight loss! Very impressive :)

3 for Me! said...

Thanks for playing along:) I do like the new layout and all the different colors:)

And congrats on the weight loss... Wow 43 ols is amazing... you'll have to post some new pictures;)

I'm almost 30 and I think something is changing b/c I cant eat how much a want anymore...