Sunday, January 25, 2009

I haven't posted in so long!

Thanks, Lorie P. for reminding me that some times people do read what I write. Ha!

I haven't written in a long time... but plan to soon. I want to update this with some things from my winter:

~my most recent infatuation
~holidays with family
~New Year's Eve in Times Square!
~winter weather and adventures
~finally meeting Baby Elliot!

for now... Here's a photo tease of each event... :)


B and B said...

It's absolutely hilarious that you posted about Twilight today because I meant to talk to you about it at church and didn't get a chance too. I remember you saying that you loved it so I decided to read it. I finally got it from the library on Friday. I started it Friday night around 1000PM and finished it on Saturday at about 600PM. I loved it! Now I just have to endure patiently until I can get New Moon from the library.

Josh and Donna said...

more, more, more!

Anonymous said...

I ultra-dig time square. Can't wait for more pics of that!

Anonymous said...