Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I Promise I'm Still Here...

Blogging can be daunting. Some people are really great at it. Others are hard to follow because they rarely update... like me. Oops. ;)

Just a few updates, perhaps?

I have a new work schedule. Starting in November, I was approved for a flex schedule. Now, I have Mondays off and I work 10 hour days Tuesday-Friday. So far, so good. My goal is to make a plan, a list of sorts, for each Monday of things to accomplish. I've been able to do that a little bit, but already see where I need improvements after only one month at the new schedule. Ideas?

I didn't go home this year. That's the first major holiday I've not been with my family. Since my parents weren't going to be home for Thanksgiving again this year, (they are long-distance team truck drivers and didn't take off for Thanksgiving) I had decided to stay back in Raleigh and then a family at church asked if I would help with their house and dog while they were gone, so I did that. My roommate's friend, Megan, invited us both to eat Thanksgiving lunch with her and her parents, so I did get to have a really yummy, and beautifully decorated, dinner.
I did miss my family and felt okay about being in Raleigh... but the funniest of things trigger emotion, you know? Thursday night, back at the home I was watching, I was thinking about heating up my leftovers from Megan's and how I wished I had brought some of the dessert home with me, too... which made me think about my Granny's baking... and I just lost it! Isn't that the most pitiful think you've ever heard?! LOL... I cried for about 20 minutes thinking about pie and missing sitting around late on Thanksgiving with my aunts and uncles eating leftovers and pie. I guess I'll have to eat extra at Christmas? ;)
On Saturday, I got to go to Kristin's 4th Annual Happy Thanksgiving Saturday. I love that event! She gathers her family together and invites a few friends to enjoy an extended Thanksgiving dinner. The food is always so good, and I get to see all of her family! Love both of those things. :)

New Moon...
Pretty much every person in my life knows how much of a Twilighter I am. For a year now, it's been a big part of my "hobby" life. Through Twitter, I have met TONS of other Twilight ladies around the world, and several of them, I've become pretty close friends with. So, some of us decided we'd like to get together when the second movie came out in November. We planned it and talked about it for months! I couldn't believe when it got down to the wire that it was actually going to happen! Since two of us live here in Raleigh and another fairly close by in Charlotte, we decided it would work out well to have the other 4 girls come here. That way, hotel costs would be eliminated and we'd have two locals to plan things, not having to worry with a new city. Thursday morning arrived, and so did the drama! Planes were delayed, FTA computers were crashing... what a mess! No worries... every one got here just in time and we all spent the weekend at Erin's house. We went to the midnight showing of New Moon, then again on Friday and Saturday afternoons. We ate out together, had pedicures, sat around and laughed like crazy... we even got to take Sarah to the Super Target like she asked. ;) I'm grateful for the friendships and so happy we were able to all get together... Discussion have already begun for the June opening of Eclipse, the third film in the saga. I plan on visiting another friend out in California in the summer, so who knows where we'll all end up!

Christmas is coming and I can already see the hours and days flying by! My roommates and I were finally able to decorate last night. We went all out... it was a frenzy of lights, ornaments, candles... the works! We laughed a lot and even decided to try our fate at a few outdoor lights. Here are few shots I took with my phone. I apologize for the quality... but you get the point. ;o)

I'll be going home for Christmas on the 23rd sometime and because I have off on Mondays, I'll get to stay until the 28th. Alicia, Kristin and I had planned to try and go to Texas over New Year's to see Dan and Casey, Zoe and Jack, but tickets for air travel at that time are RIDICULOUS! Wow... almost 400 dollars!! Twice the normal rate. So, we're having to wait and have tossed around the idea of having a New Year's party like we have had in the past. We'll see what shakes down on Seawell Ave...

So... just a few updates. If you've made it this far, I'll send you a Christmas card... just comment and let me know you did. ha! ;)


casey Chappell said...

always. :o)

Josh and Donna said...

oh oh, i want my card! :o)

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Jason and Kathleen said...

I am glad you blogged. do you want a late Christmas card from me? i am sad you cried! pitiful thing you!

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sofi said...

i sometimes like the blogs that aren't updated as often more. less is definitley more sometimes. xx

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Dasha said...

mmm very nice))
You' ve written SO much! I m from Russia and it is not easy to read all this for me, but at the time when i understand i can't stop reading
Sorry for bad english