Thursday, September 06, 2012

I Gave It A Try

Very often, I end up with lots of beauty samples. I'm not talking about the incredible monthly Birchbox that I subscribe to (use that link to sign up through my referral!). I mean, I get random samples. Sometimes, from Sephora orders, sometimes in the mail, sometimes because I pick them up at random. Usually, they get tossed into a drawer in my bathroom cabinet, or I'll end up trying something once and forgetting about it (like perfume, for example!). Not today!

I'm planning a fun day for the girls in my small group where we're going to get together and just hang out and talk.. have lunch, drink coffee, and play around with some of my make up, nail polishes, etc. I don't know if anyone has disastrous experiences with "the smokey eye" like I do, but I thought it would be fun if we played around together! That's in a couple of weeks.

In gathering up things to prepare for our "girlie day of fun," I found a sample of Urban Decay's Naked Skin foundation and wanted to go ahead and try it for myself.

The first fun thing is that the sample came with four different shades. Don't worry, I didn't try them all. ;) What I was able to do, however, was use the card they provided to match my skin tone. You hold the card against your jawline (it's clear except for the foundation shade examples), and the foundation that's best for you is the one that "disappears" against the natural tone of your skin. Simple enough! And it worked perfectly! I got matched up quickly with their 2.0 formula and peeled back the sample. It's enough for two days, so I'll be finishing it up tomorrow.. because it was great!

It was definitely much lighter than the foundation I've been using (which I have loved, too), and I feel like it's stayed on throughout my whole day into this evening just fine! That's a big plus for me because I hate feeling like I've gotten all 'done up' for the day, only to discover at 5 when I leave work and get in my car, it looks like I just woke up again.

I was so impressed right away with the smooth consistency and feel of the initial application of the foundation, that I went to look on Sephora's website and compare the price with the foundation I've been using. They're the same price for the same amount of ounces! Yippee! I'll definitely be buying this one instead!


julie said...

i'm so excited you're blogging! i need more friends who blog consistently! also, thankful for all the work you're putting into our fellowship tomorrow. i can't wait!

i can relate to the smokey eye problems. i always end up looking like i've been doing drugs.

Nicole W. said...

It's terrible! I have so many cute eyeshades, too... But they sit alone. Staring at me every morning. Haha. :)