Tuesday, January 30, 2007

You Can't Handle The Truth

More on all of this later, but just a quick photo update of our trip to LA... We are waiting for Alicia - she is so graciously and patiently waiting in line at the NBC Studio to get tickets to the show...

Here's quick photo synopsis of the trip so far... :-)

This is during our layover in Atlanta. It was really quick, but the perfect amount of time... This is the plane we were getting ready to board...

Next, in LA, we were making our way on the bus to pick up our fun rental car... it's a red Toyota SUV! :-) With a sunroof...

We had such a good time just looking around while we rode to the car place. The weather is really clear and cool. Kristin is freezing, of course, but I've barely worn my jacket. :-)

We are snapping pictures like crazy and fit right in with the rest of the tourists... :-)

We went to pick up her friend, Erin, who showed us around yesterday. We had lunch at The Farmer's Market - which was really cool and eclectic... then, we were driving around and saw Scott Wolfe!!! We freaked out, and when I turned to take his picture from the front (we were driving by), I missed him and got the car behind him! UGH!

Then, as we continued around, we ventured to Hollywood Blvd and saw more "stars" ...

Next, we played around in the Kodak Theatre (where they film American Idol and the Oscars are!!! FUN!) and around more on Hollywood Blvd before going to eat dinner at Mel's Diner - from American Graffiti.

Here is the Roosevelt Hotel. It is said that it's haunted by the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. Funny.

We learned lots of fun trivia and are excited to go out and do more today! :-)

Don't forget to watch The Ellen Show! We still aren't sure which show we'll be on (Wednesday or Thursday) but as soon as we tape today, we'll let everyone know! :-)


The Hollywood Stars - Nicole, Kristin and Alicia

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