Tuesday, April 24, 2007

sorry, barlett

so as most of you know, my roommate, Alicia, just finished up her 9-10 month stint with Bartlett Tree Experts. no, she wasn't an aborist, but she worked there - thus supplying somewhat of an allegiance for me to them. (i also cleaned their office once a week for a few months).

well, she doesn't work there anymore - nor do i... so i guess i'm okay with seeing this new company around. (granted, they aren't new - but new in my life, apparently).

i drove up to my house (as close as i could get) at lunch to pickup my laptop for work tonight... and this is what i saw.

blocking my driveway, walk-way, and entire front yard. there were orange cones (and one of them was between our house and the boys house with a clipboard tied to it- with a work order).

i had to leave before they did anything. (actually, the men in the trucks were asleep when i got there around 12:15 and were still asleep around 12:35 when I left... so, I hope those weren't billable hours for someone)...
((shout out to alicia - my camera was dead, so i used yours for this project.))

anyone want to guess what the house and yard might look like when we get home tonight???

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