Monday, April 23, 2007

the walk...

Well, the walk was Saturday.

And I finished.

I wasn't so sure about it around time we passed the WF Post Office. That was the 1 mile mark. They provided a map of the course - and then gave you some options. There were turn around points for folks who only wanted to do 1 mile, 2 miles or the whole thing. Don't think that I didn't consider each of these options. Especially when I consider my normal workout routine doesn't put me even to the two-mile mark. I'm just slow!

But, alas... I did it. I'm still hurting a little. Mostly my legs, of course - below the knee... However, while my roommates were gone yesterday afternoon enjoying a canoe ride at Lake Johnson, I had THE WORST CRAMP of my entire life... in the back of my left thigh. I literally scream and fell off the couch... I think Poucha ran away... maybe she couldn't handle watching the pain... I don't know. Anyway, I'm just realizing I forgot to tell my roommates about that. Thankfully, I was still able to walk afterward (though it felt like knives had been inserted into my leg permanently) and even take a short nap...

Anyway, I'm thankful I did it. I am growing more thankful each day, of course... as the pain wears off. :o) We still went to the gym this morning, but I chose to do arms... not the treadmill. lol.

Kate took some pictures, so hopefully I will be able to update this post with some of them later.

Good job Kate, Ben, Candace and Kristin! We raise around $1000 as a team. YAY!

Praise God that the Pregancy Support Services of Wake Forest raised over $43,000! I heard that was around 20 times the amount from last year... wow! I hope to hear more about the walk later this week. I'm sure they will post something on their site.

Something else to praise God for... 73% of women who see their sonogram Choose Life! WOW!

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db said...

awesome!!! congrats nicole!!!