Friday, May 25, 2007

interactive blog. i need input!

for those of you twisting your eyebrows around ... yeah, so it doesn't mean anything to me either. not just yet, anyway.

Great news! I just started Violin Lessons with my friend Grace.
Right now, I have to practice holding the violin and the bow, as well as scales and begin memorizing the FACE and Every Good Boy Does Fine. (if you read music, you probably know what I'm talking about)

Anyway, I am super excited.
But I need help! If I get frustrated about it when you're around - remind me that its going to take time. If I look at you with disdain, just pray for me. I know what your intentions are, but even last night, I could tell that some days are going to be hard for me than others.

I promise that as soon as my scales sound good, I'll post them on youtube so you can all hear!

Now - since I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats wondering about the title of this blog - I need your help. In the form of comments, please post some of the following:

a) some of your favorite hymn or song titles that the violin is played in
b) some of your favorite hymns or songs that the violin should be played in
c) any encouragement about your violin lessons - even if they were 20 years ago.

that's all for now. it helps me to hear in my head what songs i may one day be able to play. the one that keeps playing in my head is "Fairest Lord Jesus," for example. can you hear it? ah!

anyway - pray! (for me and my roomates - they'll have to listen)

p.s. - for fun, the next time you scan thru your ipod or are in your car, try and listen for the violin. you wouldn't believe how much i hear it now since it's on my mind!

pictures soon.

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JoshandGrace said...

Greensleeves! It's beautiful on the violin. All the Christmas songs are, and just think, by Christmas time you will be playing some of them! And don't worry, no one is born playing the violin, it takes time, but hopefully you will gain a very enjoyable hobby that can bless lots of people!