Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More reasons to love TCC...

(l to r: Ryan S., Ben M., Ben R., Matt T., Joy H.)

... my community group!

I always love our fellowships - the church wide ones, I mean. You get to hang out, talk, laugh, learn more about those you're laboring with... but I really love it when our community group does this.

On Sunday, we went to Lake Johnson after church. We took our bag lunches, walked over the foot bridge to the picnic area to dine. I must confess, being out there, doing things like that, isn't generally my favorite thing to do... I just don't like getting hot, etc.

But, I knew I'd like hanging out with everyone...

So anyway, there are hiking trails, runners, bikers, the lake - obviously -, etc... You can rent canoes (which several people did), kyacks, even little dingy fishing boats. The boaters were troopers because I just couldn't make myself do it...
Kristin and Hannah

Paul and friend, Joe

The rest of us just stayed in the tree-shaded picnic area and chatted... watched the ducks, etc.

Here are some more pictures for you. :o)

Ryan S.

Cathi T.

the ducks (and Kristin and Hannah off to the right)

Julie W.

Paul G. (so happy after flipping Ben and Matt's boat)

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl
Is that Paul, the professors son from South Africa. If so tell him I said hello. I don't know if he will remember me of not. But tell him hello. Looks like you had a good time. Reminds me of hanging out with the Open door singles.